Instructions for Cross-Registration and Auditing

Harvard University students as well as MIT and Tufts Fletcher students are welcome to cross-register into HKS classes.

Cross-Registering into HKS

For Harvard and Tufts Fletcher Students:

  1. Go to the Harvard University Course Catalog site.
  2. Log in with your HUID and PIN. 
  3. Select your course and submit your request. Your petition will be reviewed and processed.
  4. Once your petition is processed, you will receive an email advising whether you are registered.
    • If HKS confirms your enrollment, you should attend the class even if it does not yet appear on your home school record.

Note: Cross-registration is not available to students outside of Harvard, MIT, and Fletcher, those individuals can only audit courses.

For MIT Students:

As of the Spring 2017 semester, MIT students are no longer be able to use Harvard's Course Catalog and Cross Registration Application to cross register into Harvard courses.

Please visit MIT's Add/Drop application site to submit your Harvard Kennedy School Cross Registration requests.

Harvard Instructors will receive an email alerting them that you are interested in cross-registering into their course. Instructors approve or deny student requests online. For updates on the Instructor's decision, please check in the MIT Add/Drop application.

You are not officially enrolled in a course until the Harvard Registrar has approved your petition.

Auditing a Course at HKS

  1. Contact the faculty member and/or the faculty assistant and request to audit the course. 
    • Any student from outside Harvard must create a Harvard XID account using their official school e-mail address.
  2. Once your request is approved by the faculty, the faculty member or faculty assistant will grant you access to canvas course site as a "guest".

Jointly Listed Courses Hosted at HKS

  1. Students enrolled in the Harvard school where the course is listed will already have access to the course page.
  2. Fletcher and MIT students will be enrolled in the course via cross-registration, either with HKS or the other school, and will have access as an enrolled student.

Dates for Spring Term 2017

  • Cross-registration petitions will open on Tuesday, January 17
  • Cross-registration petitions will be reviewed for approval starting on Wednesday, January 25 at 12 noon
  • Deadline to submit cross-registration petitions for Spring Full-Term or Spring 1 courses is Friday, February 3 at 5pm
  • Deadline to submit cross-registration petitions for Spring 2 courses is Friday, March 31 at 5pm

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